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"She had already allowed her delectable lover to pluck that flower which, so different from the rose to which it is nevertheless sometimes compared, has not the same faculty of being reborn each spring." Marquis De Sade Thus, I am, Secondhand Rose.


"You don't know a woman until you have a letter from her." Ada Leverson



"Man is harder than iron, stronger than stone and more fragile than a rose." Turkish Proverb



"Illusion is the first of all pleasures." Oscar Wilde



"I'm too shy to express my sexual needs except over the phone to people I don't know." Garry Shandling

31st May 2018

“In Quest of Knowledge I Watched Night Create Day”

Social media, known for its brevity (which abhorrently includes neatly leaving out both context and creator credit), has once again lead me to do some research and go down a...

21st May 2018

An Embarrassing Correction of Mythical Proportions

I was lured into a blog post at Eros Blog – lured, as a girl typically is, by a sex story about a satyr. While Bacchus only provided a snippet,...

20th Jan 2018

For The Man Who Has Everything

It’s been nearly a year since I spoke with Robert, the curator and webmaster behind the delightful vintage erotica archive called Delta of Venus. At the time, Robert had asked...

30th Oct 2016

The Pizza Boy Cometh; But I Don’t (Or, Meet “The Squish” — Or, Women Like Edging & Orgasm Denial Too)

As my VIP clients know, I am traveling back home to see my family. This means I am not available for calls etc. as I am staying at my parents...

31st May 2016

Big Boobs Rule My Life

Spent the holiday weekend at the lakes with family. I love spending time with my nieces & nephews, but sometimes… To be blunt about it: My large breasts cause problems....

11th Apr 2016

Read Between The Lines

According to this Sydney escorts site, men love a filthy little mouth — and these are the top lines men want to hear: Fuck Me Hard Baby Just Lie Down...

08th Feb 2016

Stories Of The Poignant & The Profane (An Interview With Me)

Awhile ago, another PSO was doing a little interview series which included yours truly. But it seems she has since removed the posts from her site, so I am posting...

22nd Dec 2015

What Is A “Virtual Courtesan”?

As the fearless leader of the Peck & Call Girls, I am often asked about just what a “courtesan” — let alone a “virtual courtesan”! — is. Truth be told,...

09th Dec 2015

Holiday Wishes & Gifts

Several of you lovely gentlemen have asked about how pamper me this holiday season — something more personal than the usual tips and tributes, which I do so appreciate! For...

27th Oct 2015

How To Safely & Anonymously Use Cash.Me

You’ll note that I accept Cash.Me for sending tips, thank you gifts, and the like at$2Rose.┬áThis has prompted a few questions on just how Cash.Me works. First of all,...

07th Oct 2015

Beckie & Carter: An Erotic Story Of Cock Control & Submission

Awhile ago I started a custom erotica series with a new client. It was the story of Beckie & Carter, a couple who have been dating for a few months,...

06th Sep 2015

Haunt Hunt, But No Goth Cunt

I’ll admit a certain kinship with ghosts and legendary creatures — as well as those who hunt them. I have a fascination with the thin walls of this world —...