Contracted Courtesanship VIP Services

For qualifying clients, I offer special and exclusive VIP services. Or, as I often prefer to refer to it, Contracted Courtesanship. These services are exquisitely erotic, and most suitable for basking in a more satisfying girlfriend experience (GFE) as well as exploring the prolonged power play dynamics of BDSM fantasies.

These highly personalized and intimate companionship services have monthly fees; it works very much like a retainer for other professional services.

However, one cannot simply purchase a VIP membership with me. As these are more involved, luxurious, intimate encounters, they are reserved for clients with whom a mutual rapport and connection has been established. Even if you are already one of my clients, the best place to start is with a client screening.

Once a client becomes a VIP, and maintains his VIP status, he also has the option to go a la carte and purchase additional erotic services as desired.

My VIP Contracted Courtesanship Services may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

Online chat services: Instant messaging or “cyber” chat sessions. I may agree to watch you on cam during these chats, but I will never appear on cam myself for privacy reasons. If desired, clients who have VIP status with other Peck & Call Girls may arrange a 2-girl or multi-girl chat with myself and another where possible, using Google’s chat of Hangout service).

Texting: Conversations, notes and, yes, sexting via SMS & MMS. This can be done directly via my personal cell phone; or, for more anonymity, you may wish to use an app, such as Skype.

Voicemail messages: Actual audio recordings from moi, left on your phone (or cloud) which you can save and enjoy as long as you’d like.

Intimate souvenirs sent via postal services: Rare and unique personal items, such as panties, handwritten letters, & signed paper copies of my custom erotica, sent to you via the mail.

Exclusive contracted courtesanship: For those gentlemen who wish to have me all to themselves… Who tingle at the thought of having my undivided attention… For specified periods of time (a day, or longer), you, dear, will be my only client. This unique service also means that you may control my sexuality — or I yours, as you wish! Pricey, but worth it for the pleasures of tease, assignments, edging, denial, orgasm control… Or just good old fashioned company!

Dreaming of something that’s not on this list? Ask about it during your screening!

Please note: I am no longer escorting; we will not ever meet in person. So while I am flattered at your interest, please don’t ask.

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