Secondhand Rose GFE PSOThis is a new website, but I think a lot of what I wrote at my old blog will cover (and illustrate) a lot about me, so here we go!

I am Secondhand Rose, a former escort come erotica writer, turned phone companion and conversationalist. My partner travels, so I understand the loneliness which underlies what some would call just plain old lust.

As an independent phone sex operator, I can be found at NiteFlirt — and I am proud to be the founder of the Peck & Call Girls.

I am a moody woman, but in a good way — I swear! I really like to play with moods.. Melancholy, fear, philosophical taboos, wistful longing, nostalgia… And tease. I find tease the ultimate aphrodisiac! But there are many ways to tease…

Some might call me a “switch” as I get aroused by many different types of power play exchanges, fetishes, and kinks. Sometimes I am dominant. Sometimes I play with sissies. Sometimes I am submissive. Sometimes I am very cerebral and intellectual; other times I am just plain silly. But primarily, I consider myself to offer the very best in GFE.

To keep up with the amazingly charming, erotic, and, yes, quirky Secondhand Rose, keep your eye on these posts in particular. And Twitter too.

I recently joined Tumblr too. The posts tagged “me” are likely the most important posts if you are getting to know me, as they contain the most writings by me. As often as possible I try to maintain what I call “Secondhand Rose After Dark.” During this time, my posts are live, not scheduled, and I take the time to answer questions, etc. (Details on how that works are here.) Secondhand Rose After Dark typically occurs after 9 PM central.

Oh, and while some of the photos on the site are really me, I zealously guard my identity. At exceedingly rare times I sell my photos.

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