The Pizza Boy Cometh; But I Don’t (Or, Meet “The Squish” — Or, Women Like Edging & Orgasm Denial Too)

As my VIP clients know, I am traveling back home to see my family. This means I am not available for calls etc. as I am staying at my parents house and, well, I can be quite a vocal lady!

However, one VIP client made me an intriguing offer that I thought I just couldn’t refuse…

But maybe I should have?

My challenge is this: I am to masturbate each day to a story he sends me — but I am not to orgasm.


Because this sort of tease drives me crazy, eventually leading me to become a needy squish of a girl.

What’s a “squish”, you ask?

“The Squish” is the name I have given the aching, needy, wet sensation that forms in my pussy — leaving me quite desperate, slutty, and submissive until I am finally granted orgasm. (Hey, edging, orgasm denial, and orgasm control are not just things shared between femdoms and submissive men, you know — we ladies can be just as deliciously victimized by our own lust!)

Now, this particular VIP not only enjoys my desperation, but loves, eventually, sending me over the top into multiple, rather vocal, orgasms — typically one of which involves me squirting. Such sessions wreck me, baby. In such a good way!

So when this phone sex gent made his proposition, it seemed such a good idea to take advantage of the week I would be traveling and less than likely to have my usual privacy (or, perhaps more accurately, have sound-proof walls surrounding me!) and wind up with a great ‘wel-cum home’ gift. *wink*

The first problem was that in my haste to pack this morning, I had forgotten that in order to accommodate a client before I left for my trip, I had moved my trusty vibrator (Sam, my Hitachi — now called The Magic Wand Original) and other sex toys to the living room sofa so as to watch porn with him, and so I forgot to pack any toys!

In order to solve this problem, I stopped at an “Adult Superstore” along the Interstate to grab a toy. I was just going to get another Hitachi; but as that toy makes noise all on its own, I opted for a more silent toy: a dildo. And once you see the packaging, I think you’ll also see why I purchased the sex toy I did:


It’s called “Loverboy The Pizza Boy” — riffing on all the pornos!

(Plus, hey, it has one of those suction-cup dealios. I’ve never tried one of those before, but I figure I might be able to sneak a little private time in the shower here at mom & dad’s house, right?)

One problem, maybe two solved.

However, I now need to master the art of masturbating right up to an orgasm, then stopping cold, for 9 entire days! Nine whole days? And nights!

Let’s hope The Squish doesn’t take control…

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