Big Boobs Rule My Life

Spent the holiday weekend at the lakes with family. I love spending time with my nieces & nephews, but sometimes…

To be blunt about it: My large breasts cause problems.

My brother in law insists that we all participate in “family time” when we are at his lake house. I have no problem with that. However, tubing and other water activities require a swimsuit — and that means my figure, especially my breasts, are visible. And this causes not only my brother in law but all the other adults to raise their eyebrows. And lower their voices in hushed whispers, acting like junior high school tweens, until someone draws the short straw and comes over to me to discuss my attire and “how it affects the kids.”


While I have specifically purchased a very conservative one-piece swimsuit fur these family occasions, it — or rather my boobs — remain an issue. I try the old tee-shirt over the bathing-suit, but, as soon as we enter the water, that’s just a “wet tee-shirt contest.” The only way I can, apparently, safely participate in water activities around the kids is by wearing a life-vest. Which is fine during tubing & kayaking. (It is very uncomfortable while kayaking; the added dimensions of the life vest makes paddling more cumbersome and the vest scratches my arms. ) But wearing a life vest makes swimming near impossible. And while we are boating, the other adults simply sit on their flotation devices — while I, again, wear an uncomfortable life-jacket. That would be bad enough, but don’t think for a minute that I (or the kids!) don’t hear those beer & wine drinking adults making snide comments about my personal flotation devices!

On the beach, to shield the sensitive, I must wear an honest-to-goodness robe, not a cover-up, over my suit. Or, which is far more comfortable in the heat and sunshine, wear shorts and a very baggy top over shorts. (Yes, my sundresses are also a problem!)

So despite all my time outdoors, I do not look like I’ve been there. (Yes, I zealously guard my skin from sun damage; but sunscreen is far more comfortable and allows for some seasonal color! Big old terrycloth robes do not!)

I suffer through this so as not to upset anyone. But seriously, do these people think that the kids don’t have a clue? And what does this mean for the kids themselves? Isn’t this teaching the girls to have body image issues? Doesn’t it show girls and young women that breasts will limit their sporting activities, their lives? Doesn’t this reinforce negative ideas for boys as well?

I try not to let my big breasts get in the way of living my life. For the most part, they do not. The real limitations come from the people who cannot control their own lusty impulses, their own jealousies or body image issues, and so dictate a plethora of rules regarding my behavior and dress. These people are the real big boobs.

All that said, this is supposed to be a sexy blog, right? *wink*

So I will just finish this off by saying that while I won’t let my big breasts dictate my life, they might just rule your’s!

(If you want to become exposed to their power, see them in all their bare glory here. But I’ve warned you!)

Oh, also, on a related note: I just got a new phone just before the trip. The old one wasn’t holding a charge very well and with a long trip like this, I didn’t want it to die on me. But when I installed an email app (to manage my personal and professional email accounts) that the tech guy recommended, it wasn’t working right. Sometimes emails were being sent; other times, the app said they were sent, but they weren’t! Oh, and because I was around the nieces & nephews for such an extended period of time, I removed my email app and my Twitter app too. (This way they could safely play with my tablet.) But removing and adding the apps apparently made the tablet go “Boing!” and even tho installed, the apps were not working properly. So I had to wipe everything and start over. (Not as devastating on a tablet as my laptop; but still a pain.) This resulted in communication mess. But it is all sorted out correctly now. And I am back on Mail Droid. In my opinion, it’s the only email app worth using. (Free is fine; but if you wish to avoid the ads, go with the pro version — totally worth the nominal fee.) I mention it because a few of you like to sneak in some adult time with me via emails now and then. *wink*

So there you go. You have been kept a-breast of all things Secondhand Rose!

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