Read Between The Lines

According to this Sydney escorts site, men love a filthy little mouth — and these are the top lines men want to hear:

Fuck Me Hard Baby
Just Lie Down and Enjoy the Blow
Your Cum Taste Sooo Fucking Good
Fuck Me Anyway You Want
My Pussy is so Wet, Ram it Hard
I Love Sucking Your Dick
Fuck My Ass
You’re the Best Fuck Baby
Cum in my Fucking Mouth
I’m Your Dirty Little Slut

They even go so far as to say that “if these lines don’t make you horny enough to blow your load then there must be something wrong with you.”


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with such dirty talk. Obviously, as a phone sex operator and former escort, I don’t have those sort of judgments! But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you if those standard lines don’t really work for you. Truth be told, those lines aren’t the ones I say the most either.

I tried to think of what the most popular or powerful lines I say are, but I could’t think of any. Not one line!

read-between-my-linesMaybe it’s because I’m not a canned sex service who simply gives the standard sex lines.

Perhaps it’s because I do a lot of GFE (girlfriend experience) calls, and a lot of really far-out fantasy role play and erotic stories. But my gentlemen callers want something a bit more detailed, intimate, and personal.

Sure, both myself and my callers can be graphic, and nasty too; but we tend to be a bit, well, less cliche.

We like to tease, play, and read between the lines too. It’s the anticipation that heightens the arousal. And it’s the unique expressions, with a highly personal touch, that creates the intimacy. It’s the insider knowledge, the shared joke that likely no one else would get, the “you had to be there” moments we share which make the difference. This, in my experience and opinion, is what really makes the down-right dirty talk more intoxicating.

Sometimes Often, it’s not what’s actually said, but what’s implied or uttered via those guttural groans of pleasure which is far more of a turn on. Don’t you agree?

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