Stories Of The Poignant & The Profane (An Interview With Me)

Awhile ago, another PSO was doing a little interview series which included yours truly. But it seems she has since removed the posts from her site, so I am posting the good bits here…

How did you get into this?

I was an escort for a few years, but quit when I got married. However, I found that I missed sex work, especially with my husband traveling so much for work, so I became a PSO. (Links to longer story here.)

What wildly turns you on?

Words. And how they are strung together. I especially like big fancy words mixed with low-brow graphic ones — and grunts. Something about the juxtaposition between eloquence and guttural… Of lofty dreams mixing with base human needs… Of dark primal desires punctuated with a bright light of spiritual calling… An ache that reaches to the heavens but which can only be relieved though dark tangled places. I am turned on by stories of the poignant and the profane.

What instantly turns you off?

Someone who isn’t partnering you. Whether you are on the phone or in person, you need to be there for your partner. Even when someone is being dominated, they have their own reactions, sensations, thoughts… And even if they are gagged and can’t fully express them, give your partner some time to process what’s going on. That’s where the really delicious stuff is!

Favorite curse word?

I honestly don’t think I have one…?

Favorite sex position?

That’s like asking a lady about her favorite pair of shoes — why can’t they all be favorites?! Just like shoes, some positions go better with specific outfits, moods, or fantasies. But they all have their time, place, and position on the list of favorites!

Size, does it really matter?

I gather we’re talking dicks here? *wink* In phone sex, it hardly matters at all — we are using the mightiest sex organs of all, our brains!

Speaking personally (and including my in the flesh sex worker experience here), there is not size issue, small or large, that cannot happily be met with an erotic build-up, foreplay, and a pleasing position designed to assist.

Have you gained any fantasies or kinks that you didn’t like before doing online sex work, but now wouldn’t do without?

Since I was an escort, phone sex has few surprises or sexual discoveries for me… Perhaps chatting, instant messaging, text messages, is more of a thing now… While I had used “cybering” as a marketing tool for my earlier escorting, and I had written (and sold) erotic stories too, the process of interacting via text to the point of orgasm was relatively new. It is now one of my favorite things to do though!

Favorite sex toy?

Rope and other ties that bind.

If you could have a one night stand with anyone, no questions asked, who would it be?

Robert Downey, Jr. and James Spader. Yes, both of them. (I’d prefer it to be both at the same time, but even the same night would delight; I’m flexible!)

If you could give Clients one tip to help make their sessions with you better, what would it be?

Reach out and message me to schedule an appointment. Most of my phone sex, chat and story work is by appointment only. It is a rare thing indeed that I am sitting around with the phone lines on as “available”, so clients need to arrange their dates. It’s like most things in life — don’t just sit around waiting for it to happen, make it happen!

Favorite writer?

Oooh, that’s a tough one! I primarily read non-fiction (especially history), and there the author isn’t as important as the subject matter.

When I do read fiction, it is science fiction / fantasy. So then, if I had to limit myself to one author, it would be Tad Williams. Thankfully, he is nearly as prolific as he is brilliant. *wink*

What song makes you smile &/or dance every time you hear it?

Pretty much anything by Loreena McKennitt.

If you could be a superhero (or villain), what would your name and power(s) be?

I would be Melancholia, capable of imbuing those I speak to, touch, or even stand near with a sense of wistfulness, longing, and even sorrow. It could make me the villain — if a person affected by my presence were to try to run away from either myself or the feelings.

However, if they chose to wallow in it, engage with me, they would find themselves luxuriating in self-indulgence, and transformed into a delicious state of decadence. Naturally, I would then be seen as a super-heroine, if not a complete Goddess. *soft somewhat sad yet wicked smile*

What makes you laugh?

A good joke, a little too much wine, surprise gifts, and unexpected signs of life and beauty — like a thistle growing out of the window-box, or spotting a bird’s nest nestled in a secret spot that you can see from the porch.

If you could pick a story (book, movie, TV show, etc.) to live in, which would you choose and why?

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, a fantasy series written by Stephen R. Donaldson. Unequivocally. At least the First & Second Chronicles (six books). Those six books have been favored by having been read and re-read, at least three times. No other books have that distinction. I have not read the Last Chronicles; primarily as I find the first books so etched on my psyche that I fear the later works would ruin things…

Thomas’ pain is palpable, his flaws are many, and the resulting loneliness, well, I drown in that in a hard to describe delightful way. I dare dream that I could save Thomas, spare others…

My, my, my — just look at who really does fancy herself some sort of superhero! *wink*

Oh, heavens, now I want to go reread those books again!

Who or what inspires you?

Pretty much anything and everything! In terms of phone sex and sex work though, it primarily is my clients. It can be challenging to meet their specific needs (both those they state and those I sense at the root of it all), but when you meet those needs, it’s a feeling like no other. I’ve always felt that despite being considered “entertainment”, sex work was a sort of healing. I can’t imagine a doctor or counselor ever feels any better at the end of the day than I do.

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