What Is A “Virtual Courtesan”?

sexy black lingerie & heelsAs the fearless leader of the Peck & Call Girls, I am often asked about just what a “courtesan” — let alone a “virtual courtesan”! — is.

Truth be told, many folks understand the virtual part much better; tech and gadgets, even sex toys, all talk about the “virtual world possibilities” of digital and technological advances… But still, how does that apply to courtesanship?

Some think a courtesan is simply a high-class sex worker. Others, following the etymology of the word, think of courtesans as either royalty or having something to do with the romance of courtship. Still others think of these women as among the greatest mortal muses. None of these are wrong, really. But none, on their own, is precisely correct either…

At this site about escorting in Australia, courtesans are referred to as “free mistresses” and described thus:

They were complex, well-educated and wise ladies – close allies who connected with sexually with their customers and supporters. These autonomous escorts were rich, perfectly prepped and profoundly regarded. It was broadly acknowledged that these courtesans of delight were frequented by hitched men, searching for joy and satisfaction.

From this we can see a number of things which I feel exemplify the role of courtesan. Perhaps the most important one is the word “autonomous” — which means a woman is freely able to choose this role. Even women, like Coco Chanel, who rather stumbled into the role,  were quick to learn of the magic powers they held — and opted to wield them to their own advantages. Due to their beauty, brains, and other special gifts, Courtesans decide who they will bestow the delights of their gifts upon, who will be their lovers, what the terms are, how exclusive (or not!) the relationships will be, how long the liaisons will last… They decide everything.

As courtesans provide companionship and inspiration in addition to the erotic acts, today’s modern working courtesans are often considered to be offering GFE (the Girlfriend Experience) — but really, it is much more than that. A courtesan is equal parts mistress and muse, harlot and intelligentsia — entertainer as well as the one entertained. She is a spectacularly unique experience!

Because of all of this, a courtesan is the type of woman a man wishes to keep entirely for himself. Even if he is unable to keep her exclusively as his mistress, he seeks to have a long-term relationship with her. And, because he knows he will greatly mourn the loss of her, a man lucky enough to have the company of such a creature will do whatever he can to ensure such an unthinkable, unbearable, situation never occurs.

Image via Brisbane escorts.

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