Holiday Wishes & Gifts

Several of you lovely gentlemen have asked about how pamper me this holiday season — something more personal than the usual tips and tributes, which I do so appreciate! For those of you who wish to put a little something under my tree, here’s a little bit about how to pamper and please your Rose…

I prefer gifts sent as cash GiftRocket, because it allows me to snap-up pretty things as I spot them. Also it can be problematic if, say, several of you select the same gift/place; leaving some items unable to make it under my tree. However, I know a few of you prefer to send an e-giftcard to a specific shop. In any of those cases, you’ll need my email address. Generally speaking, my favorite places to shop are: Amazon (primarily books, gadgets, some fashion), Etsy (vintage lingerie, art, antiques, collectibles, shoes), eBay (antiques, vintage, collectibles, books), Nordstrom (bras, shoes, perfume, other fashions, home luxuries), and Tiffany’s (jewelry & accessories). But if you’d like to select something specific, there’s my Tumblr post ideas and…

Here are some of my recent obsessions:

At Etsy, Rotary Telephone Pill Box!

Rotary Phone Telephone Pill box

On Amazon, The Harlem Book of the Dead I discovered this book via Thanatos Archive — and fell in love with their description:

The Harlem book of the dead with its photographs, poems and text are more than a representational reflections of mourning rites. They reveal the history of a time in Harlem, now past, when society cared for both the living and the dead, the belief that we must preserve a standard of pride representing order high in spiritual and temporal values. There is a purging of sorrow in the very pageantry of funerals. Carelessness about death might reflect a carelessness about life.

harlem book of the dead

Something a little less, well, creepy to some of you — but equally romantic to me, is an authentic silver telephone dialer from Tiffany & Co.. Yes, just like the one in Breakfast At Tiffany’s — one of my favorite films! You know I have issues with dialing phones and still have a landline with a rotary dial, which, while I cannot use for phone sex calls  (as I cannot “press 1” to accept the call), I do still use! (Plus, wouldn’t it be super with that rotary pill box from Etsy?!)

And how can I resist these Tiffany-inspired artificial nails? Yes, nail art in that shade of blue — made to look like those special boxes!

Tiffany Inspired Full Fake Nail Art Kawaii 3D Set, Crystals, Bows, Hand-Painted

In case you didn’t know, I love bedding about as much as I love lingerie — and often, it is vintage bedding too. Currently, I am obsessing over Laura Ashley’s Country Roses, which features soft pink flowers against wide pink & white stripes — soooo pretty! I pray I find it by Spring! I need the queen size… And they aren’t easy to find in any size, even on Etsy or eBay, either. But gift cards for the “one day” I do find pieces would be sweet!

Laura Ashley Country Roses sheets

Laura Ashley Country Roses Bedding

What’s a beautiful bed without scented sheets — or a perfumed lady between them? *wink* I am running low on one of my signature scents, Sirene, but Vicky Tiel. I adore the Eau De Parfume spray, Luminous Body Wash, and the Body creme.

sirene frangrance

I am also quite smitten with these custom made Cheshire Cat shoes at Etsy! (I squeal over purple heels!) However, please note that as they come from the UK, one must expect the shipping to be higher than stated (due to insurance and any duties/fees).

purple Cheshire Cat high heels

And, to keep the sense of whimsy, I would so enjoy a sterling silver bubble wand — also from Tiffany’s.


I may add/update as time passes… But this is a start!

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