How To Safely & Anonymously Use Cash.Me

You’ll note that I accept Cash.Me for sending tips, thank you gifts, and the like at$2Rose. This has prompted a few questions on just how Cash.Me works.

First of all, you should know that Cash.Me aka Square Cash is a part of Square aka Square Up, so it is a safe and reliable company & highly favored for both the ease of use and the fact that there are no fees for sending money for personal use. However, such personal accounts are limited to $250 per transaction and $2,500 per week. Also, you must be located within the U.S. and use a debit card for this free service.

However, to keep things anonymous, there are a few things you should note and I will explain them while showing you just how to send me money. (My, aren’t I nice? *giggle*)

Step One: You click and land on my Cash.Me Page. Once there, your cursor will be blinking behind the zero of the dollar amount. Just enter an amount, in this case $1.

rose cash me

secondhand rose cash gifts tips

Step Two: Enter your debit card information. Add a note, if you’d like. (It’s optional.) And click the “pay” button to the right of the info you entered.


Step Three: Now you are prompted to enter your name and provide an email (or mobile number) used to send you a security code to complete your payment. It is really important to note that you are not required to provide your full name! This is not only important for privacy (as this will be your “account name”) but for communication as well. For example, if I know you as Pat23, you may want to use that as your name. (Especially if you didn’t include any message with your gift!) Then click on the “next” button.

enter name and contact info

Step Four: You will be sent an email (or text, if you entered a phone number) with a code number. Enter that code into the blank on the page, and click the “Complete” button to complete the transaction.


you paid rose

Step Five: This is optional! If you want your own Cash.Me page, then click the “Get your own $Cashtag!” link and follow the instructions. Note: Be sure to click on the “account” link so that you can change the display name — this is your official account name and what the world will see on your page and elsewhere.

Facts on privacy from Square:

A Cash payment will appear on the recipient’s statement as “SQC*” or “SQ*”, followed by the sender’s account name.

Translation: This means that all I (as the recipient) will see or know about you, either at the time you send the tip or when the money hits my debit card, is where the money came from (SQC) and the account name you entered. (See steps three and five.)

Similarly, as the person sending the money, you will only see “SQC Rose” in your email or phone notice and on your debit card or banking statement.

See? It’s pretty darn easy & safe. Even Techcrunch likes it:

You send Square money, Square digitally launders the money to remove the stench of your personal information and hands it off to the receiving party in the form of a fresh digital bill with a scribbled ball-point $Cashtag on it.

So why not give it a little try… Like maybe send me a $1 tip for explaining all of this to you? *wink*

Note: Sending me money online or via the Cash Me App is for gifts and personal use only; it is not for any services. This is because:

A) I will not participate in adult activities with folks I do not know to be adult. (To prove you are a legal adult, please contact me at NF or MPS.)

B) I do not have a business account with Square/Cash.Me.

C) Adult services are not allowed at Square/Cash.Me.

This is just for admirers — and friends like you & I!

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