What You Call “Moody” I Call “Facets” (What Rose Has Been Up To)

Like most seductive women, I’ve been called “moody” — but I really don’t mind. It’s society’s easy way of articulating the complexities of a multifaceted woman.

One of the results of being such a woman is a wide array of interests. But so many interests, along with being a very busy virtual sex companion and erotica writer, often keep me too busy to blog as much you and I may like… But then again, all the things I am interested in are a part of what makes me so damn interesting. Right? Right! *giggle*

This brings me to some news…

Phone Sex Operator Secondhand Rose on TumblrI’ve started a Tumblr: Secondhand Rose on Tumblr. It doesn’t mean less posting here. Tumblr just gives me a way to be inspired and quickly respond to what I see. Which means that my longer posts, writings, and ramblings will remain here (save for those times I get a bit carried away — I work with words, remember?).

The bonus for you is that, like on Twitter, you get to see what I am reading, watching, thinking, and doing. (Did you know I went antiquing this holiday weekend? Stay tuned for a post about that!) Even if you don’t have an account at Tumblr or Twitter, you can see what I am up to because my posts are public.

(Oh, and now would be a good time to tell you that my Twitter & Tumblr accounts are not “the same.” While many of my Tumblr posts will be tweeted, each has many unique things too; so it is not an “either or” situation and I encourage you to follow both, even if only by bookmarking and stopping in to visit.)

What’s So Awesome About Tumblr?

Aside from seeing what I’m doing, Tumblr also provides you with another way to interact with me. You can submit confessions, photos, and posts of your own. And you can also ask me questions, even if you don’t have an account or otherwise wish to remain anonymous.

Here’s What You Need To Know Regarding Tumblr Submissions:

Tumblr itself does not allow anonymous submissions, so you must have a Tumblr account to submit things. Having a Tumblr account automatically gives you a Tumblr blog; but there’s no one who will force you to blog! Many folks are members or users who do not post at their own sites.

I cannot and do not guarantee all submissions will be posted. This is not only about “spam” issues, but one of personal preferences. While I personally do enjoy porn and hardcore images, I don’t necessarily like to see it without asking for it. It’s a bit jarring. …Without some dinner or foreplay, it’s gropey-rude. Without the consent to see it, I consider it to be a psychic rape of sorts. So, as you’ll notice here in my Ruined Boudoir and at my Tumblr, I tend to post more erotic images than pornographic ones.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Asking Me Questions On Tumblr:

Obviously, as with the submit feature, not all questions will be answered either. Especially if I feel that the “ask” is an attempt to get free chat time or a free story from me. Be a good boy or girl and act appropriately. Err, “appropriately” may not be the right word for such naughty talk… But I think you know what I mean! *wink*

At Tumblr, folks without Tumblr accounts are called “anonymous” or “anon” users. Folks with Tumblr blogs, like me, have to option of whether or not to allow questions or “asks” from anonymous users. I do allow such questions. (Let us pray to the Internet gods that this is not a mistake.)

If you wish for my answer to be a private one, i.e. not posted on my Tumblr for all to see, you’ll need to be a member of Tumblr (because otherwise how can the system send you any replies?). Also, if you do want a private reply, please clearly state so in your message.

General Tumblr Contact Info:

If I know you, please identify yourself. (This also goes for contact on Twitter too.) For example, if you are a caller from NF, or a custom erotica client, please introduce yourself and include your user ID, name, etc. in your message to me. This way, I will know who you are! (And, of course, that info can and will be kept private.)

For more information regarding contact & communication on Tumblr, see here and here.

Now, I am off to answer some Tumblr questions, make some other updates on the site — and get crackin’ on the two custom stories that need happy endings this week! *wink*

UPDATE: A new twist! Tips on giving tips here.

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