We’re All Freaks

I am an absolute freak over the series American Horror Story. I. Just. Adore. It. (Those of you who know me, know I will not take calls during the show. I record it on DVR so I can watch it when I am all alone. Oh, I will watch it again with you, if you desire; but I must watch it alone, undisturbed the first viewing. Schedule accordingly!)

I knew when I saw this post at Sex Kitten about the beauty of (and arousal by) those with disabilities or “otherness” that someone looked familiar… This photo is from a beautiful series, Bodies Of Difference by Ashley Savage. And it is of Mat Fraser, who appears in Freak Show. Oh, I am so in love!

mat fraser Bodies Of Difference savageskin

(You can follow Mat and American Horror Story on Twitter; I do!)

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