Forgive me Father, For I Have Sinned

leon morin priest confession in the ruined boudoir secondhand rose

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been nearly two months since my last blog confession. These are my sins:

#1 I was interviewed at Sarah’s website. (UPDATE: Now posted here.) That lead to…

#2 Some serious Q & A with my gentlemen callers. Now, a lady never divulges too much from past liaisons (current beaus included), but I have to say that it has been awfully fun to make such intimate confessions… Not to mention turning the tables and demanding some confessions in return.

So, if you are willing, we could do this in public…

Send in your questions and I will answer them here at the blog. …Just note that I might just ask for something in return! *wink*

The image shown here is a still from Leon Morin, Priest; review of the film here.

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