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At the request of a few callers and clients, I started making a reading list. But then I got lost in the stacks… Yes, I have stacks at my house.

True story. When my husband and I were getting married, we were told to do the traditional thing and register for wedding gifts. I became excited at the idea of filling our home with beautiful things — and for me, as a book lover, that meant voluptuous volumes, tremendous tomes, and other beautiful bound books which I had been lusting after for quite some time. But, alas, I was told this was not the expected fare of a bridal registry.

Me: Why not?

Husband: We’re supposed to get things for our home which we will use–

Me: We use books.

Husband: Yes, but they mean more like china, wine glasses, electric mixers and the like.

Me: What? What do they think we have been eating off of before this — the floor?! Do they think I’ve just been inserting a giant straw in a box of wine like a large juice box? What–

Husband (Rolling his eyes while laughing at me): It’s a chance to improve what we have.

Me: Books improve–

Husband: Yes, yes, I agree. But…

Me: Hold on a minute — what about bookshelves?

Husband: Hmmm, that’s a bit more like it…

So we ended up registering for a few “traditional” items (I do like fancy wine glasses!), but mainly we asked for gift cards for lumber and we installed built-in custom bookshelves. These bookshelves we call “the stacks”. However, as nearly any avid reader and book lover will tell you, those quickly filled and now there are also the stacks of books piled on the coffee table, the console behind the sofa, and, admittedly, a few on the floor by my side of the bed.

Those improper stacks and piles make me sad. Books are my companions, my consorts, especially since my husband travels so much… I feel badly about treating my consorts so poorly as to leave them lay like that. But what’s the alternative? Not getting more books? Perish the thought!

But those piles, by the bed especially, have me wondering… If we renewed our vows, could we register again and expand the bookshelves?

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