I Don’t Normally Do This, But…

Those of you who know me know that I rarely share any photos of myself. In fact, I have not done anything like this since the old Half-Nekkid Thurday posts at the old blog! But…

A girlfriend of mine has been spending a few days here and a funny thing happened.

I was in the shower and there is a chronic problem with the shower caddy. It does not stay up on the wall as it is supposed to, despite the suction cup thingies. So while I was showering the annoying defective thing crashed to the floor of the tub. The ensuing sound convinced my friend, Tasha, that I had fallen in the shower and she came rushing into the bathroom shouting, “Rose, are you alright?!”

By this time, I was bending over, naked arse in the air, picking up the items off the bathtub floor. Once she realized I was OK, she calmed down — but then spotted something in my hand and shrieked, “Oh my god, your nipple is falling off!”

I was alarmed for a second until I realized that I was holding one of the suction-cup things near my breast. Upon seeing the little knobby thing that is supposed to hold onto the wire shower caddy itself (adhering the caddy to the wall) she thought it was my nipple — even though the suction cup is made of a clear plastic. I started to laugh. I tried to explain the thing, but by then Tasha had become amazed by the size of my areolas. “They are,” I said, “literally, the size of silver dollars!” which set us both to laughing pretty hard and the next thing I knew I let her snap a few pics of my “amazing areolas”, comparing them to the suction cups. And now, since I have such photos, I thought I’d share them with you. They aren’t the best photos, what with the laughing, the dim bathroom lighting and all, but, well, these are just glimpses into my little world. *wink*

Oh, and I almost forgot! I had a short (very short) little piece of flash erotic fiction published at Sex Kitten. (Another one to follow soon, I think.) If you follow me on Twitter you probably knew that; if not follow me there for more little snippets of Secondhand Rose fun!

rose's areola nipple size

rose's nipple suction cup

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