Candies, My Sweet?

candy crushSeveral of girlfriends and I meet online at least once a week to partake of some candy — Candy Crush Saga, that is. We’ll meet in chat on Facebook and try to beat one another in high scores and get further along in the game than the others. Sometimes we even make bets!

Whether you are on Facebook or not you can play Candy Crush Saga. You can play online here, or get the app on your phone or tablet too. I warn you, though, it is quite addictive. Like sweet candy itself! I have wasted hours of my life, I am sure, playing this game on my phone. But something pretty sexy did come of it!

For those of you who like little mesmerizing games of arousing addiction you are invited to play with me. Well, honestly, I’ll be playing with you, hypnotizing and programming you with little candies of my choice. Usually the candies are either these or these. (Depending upon my mood and my knowledge of your dirty secrets!) But be warned! Like Candy Crush Saga itself, you may find yourself crushed by the sweet games I play. Then again, many of you find yourselves indulging well-past the healthy point with me anyway. *giggle*

If you want to play with me and earn your sweet treats, contact me to schedule a call or a chat.

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