Love Letters: The Ultimate GFE

Ah, love letters… The text version of sweet nothings breathed into your ear, lovely whispers on your neck…

Sometimes I assign love letters, and sometimes they just get sent to me. And sometimes I write Love Letters, too.

Feedback on my love letters:

This was beyond any expectations i had. Rose has a great writing tone — not good, but great. Someone who writes for a living — someone who knows how to use the written word to build a moment, how to prolong an idea into an image, how to make you feel better with a phrase. She hit all the of the things i asked for, and went far beyond even the most optimistic dream I might have had. This is a different kind of service — it’s [not] immediate, it’s not stroke material. But the anticipation is part of the fun, and it was well rewarded and received today. Thanks, Rose.

You can opt for a Love Letter from Secondhand Rose here.

vintage love letters

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